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  • Our flour is milled fresh the same day you plan to pickup! We only use organic grains and offer whole (unsifted): Hard Red Wheat and Einkorn (an ancient grain). If you aren't familiar with the traditional uses of both, below you'll find a breakdown:


    • Hard Red Wheat - This is your "classic" whole wheat. Other grains can be made into "whole wheat flour" but hard red wheat gives bread a rich brown color and a nutty wheat flavor high in gluten and protein. It's best for bread baking and other foods that require high gluten. We use this to make our sourdough bread, feeding sourdough starter, sourdough tortillas, and sourdough pizza (others also use it for regular pizza, casseroles, and more!) This is also the typical store bought “All-Purpose Flour” except the dead store-bought flour has been sifted to remove the nutritious part for longer shelf life. Protein Range: 13.5% - 15.5%


    • Einkorn - German word meaning One-Kernel, a reference to the single grain per spikelet on the head of the plant, Einkorn is the most ancient cereal grain. It ranks first among cereals in antioxidant levels, and tests high in vitamins and minerals as well. This flour can be used for all types of baking but it can be a little tricky if you’re not use to working with other types of grains- I highly recommend the facebook group "Whole Grain Sourdough Baker" for further questions and learning). While long-fermented sourdough often works for those with gluten sensitivities, Einkorn is naturally better for those with gluten sensitivities, before even fermenting it, though the fermentation process helps to further make digestion and nutrient absorption easier.


    Both can be used for all types of baking. End results will vary. For example- while einkorn is better for cookies, if you use hard red for cookies you'll end up with a denser cookie; however, it can be less dense if you sift the flour beforehand and even tweak recipes. You can also combine flours for different flavor combinations.


    A note on fresh-milled flour: if your desire is to achieve the "fluffy" or "light" airy feel that you typically get from store-bought flour, then sifting the flour will help; however, this will also remove the nutritious part. 


    *Local Pickup only. Currently not available for shipping. Orders placed for delivery will be canceled.*


    • HARD RED - organic fresh milled hard red wheat flour (whole, unsifted)

      EINKORN - organic fresh milled einkorn flour (whole, unsifted)

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