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Introducing our set of 12 naturally scented cedar blocks- a lovely, subtle scent that will leave your drawers and closets smelling fresh and clean! Made of locally sourced Eastern Red Cedar, simply place them in your storage areas to ward off moths and other insects without the need for harmful chemicals. Each block is small and discreet ( 2" x 4"), making them an ideal addition to your wardrobe organization routine. We do not add any coating/finish and we don't add any additional scents to the already naturally fragrant cedar wood. Say goodbye to musty odors and pesky pests with our scented cedar blocks!


Please note: Each item is handcrafted and measurements may slightly vary. Wood is a natural material and as such, has various unique markings. Variations in wood grain, color, knots, texture, or dye transfer are all natural occurrences in these hand-stained and oiled wooden products. These unique variations and markings are proof of quality, not defects. Enjoy the markings that make your wooden toys/items unique!

CEDAR BLOCKS (Set of 12)

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