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  • Just 4 ingredients- flour, water, sourdough starter, salt. Along with obtaining the nutrients from freshly-milled wheat flour, we long ferment our artisan sourdough bread for 32 hours for easier digestion! This isn't your typical sourdough bread using all-purpose or bread flour- we use hard red wheat flour and we do not sift out the bran nor the germ. Not only is this how breads have traditionally been made and how our ancestors ate them, it yields a heavier/denser bread that will provide more sustenance to your meal. Since the process of making sourdough bread takes 2 days to complete, please consider this timeframe when purchasing. Thank you!


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    *Local Pickup only. Currently not available for shipping. Orders placed for delivery will be canceled.*

    Artisan Sourdough Bread

    • - freshly-milled organic hard-red wheat flour

      - organic sourdough starter (freshly-milled organic hard-red wheat flour, berkey filtered water)

      - ancient sea salt

      - berkey filtered water

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